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The Magna Kit by Atmos is a wax pen vaporizer designed for convenience and efficiency. The Magna Kit comes with glass mouthpiece to preserve taste and multiple coil options to customize vapor output. Featuring 3 temperature settings the Magna Kit Vaporizer uses a single button system to cycle through each. Adjust temperature and coil variations to find your perfect combo! The powerful titanium coils are well known for their durability where the quartz coils are great for maximizing flavor. Both coil types are included in the Magna Kit by Atmos in either single or dual options.


The Magna Kit by Atmos Features

- 3 Temperature Settings

- Multiple Coil Options (Single, Dual, Quartz, Titanium)

- Easy to Use and Efficient

- Single Button Temperature Cycle System

- 650mAh Li-Ion TC Battery


The Magna Kit by Atmos is approximately h 5.61in, w .54in.


The Magna Kit by Atmos  Includes

1x Dual Quartz/Titanium Coil

1x Single Quartz/Pure Titanium Coil

1x Glass Mouthpiece

1x Magnetic Chamber Lid

1x 650mAh TC Li-Ion Battery

1x Leather Carrying Case

1x USB Charger

1x Packing Tool

1x User Guide



The Magna Kit by Atmos includes a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Shipping time is 2-5 business days

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